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Mr. Raphael Victor “YUAN” V. Santiago

Mr. Raphael Victor “YUAN” V. Santiago

CEO / President


In April 2011, Mr. Raphael Victor “YUAN” V. Santiago had the vision of conducting online-based live-lecture education in the Philippines. He and a few of his friends started conducting basic English lectures over the internet in his humble home in Cubao, Quezon City for local and international friends and acquaintances. The clientele steadily grew over the next months. By the following year, there was already a steady influx of students enrolling one after another. Students started asking for other lectures they wanted to take online.

By the end of 2012, the humble home where the company started could no longer accommodate the number of online teachers and the internet capacity was no longer suitable for their needs. At this time, Mr. Santiago decided to formalize the business and take it to the next level. In June of 2013, International Academy Manila’s main branch started its operation in a small residential space barely 70sqm big along G. Roxas Street, Manresa, Quezon City. It was just enough to accommodate a reception area, a classroom to accommodate 15 people comfortably and a faculty room for around 6 instructors.

Aside from the online-based live lectures where the company started from, center-based English lectures were also opened in the main branch. The programs steadily grew to include reviews for local licensure exam for nurses and teachers and tutorials from preschool up to college. Personality development became part of the programs offered towards the end of 2013.

Today, we  take  pride in the  continuous  growth  of  our  community  from an  array of students,  employees   and  partners, both  local  and  international. The single program offered now grew to over thirty (30) divided under ten (10) institutes.

International Academy Manila sees itself by the year 2020 as the top learning institution in Asia producing world-class learners by providing outstanding instructors and excellent programs delivered through effective and efficient methodologies in both center-based and online-based settings.


International Academy Manila is not just a school. It is a global institution that educates, enhances, inspires and connects our forward thinking students to the world of endless possibilities.

International Academy Manila (IAM) is an education facility in Asia that has been established to cater to the needs of individuals, locally and across the globe. Here in IAManila we understand the different learning styles of our students that require us to use different learning approaches. We aspire to be part of our student’s holistic growth that will ensure them of a bright future. With its vital recognition of the importance of quality education, IAM strives to be the best in learning and review programs in various academic and professionals fields.

IAM  continues  to  be  the  leading  live – lecture  distant  education  provider  thereby spearheading the  discussions on  how it can benefit the quality of education and learners in the country. IA Manila commits itself in providing an online learning experience like no other. We believe that through virtual education, students will be able to experience convenient, accessible and globally competitive education.

International Academy Manila, we transform dreams to realities, as we   believe that education is the key to success


International Academy Manila is a premier educational institution in Asia of continuing professional development, committed to excellence in promoting moral and social transformation.


The institution guided by its core values, aspires to motivate its students in advancing their knowledge and skills through and outcome-based educational programs.


Progressive Institution

As a Progressive Institution, International Academy Manila aims to be interested in not just the behavior and different disciplines of education but also the motives and values that inform behavior and knowledge. Aside from the academic expertise we’re also interested in our student’s talents, interests, and psychological needs. Through that we encourage and engage our students to be self-reliant, responsible and resourceful which is a vital ingredient in encountering the contemporary of life.

Training Institution

As a Training Institution, International Academy Manila aims to produce world-class learners by providing outstanding instructors and excellent program delivered through effective and efficient methodologies in both center-based and online-based learning.

Learning Institution

As a Learning Institution, International Academy Manila aims to be the center of education excellence by providing comprehensive knowledge, practical skills, right attitude and “real world” opportunities that will aid our students in being successful in their chosen careers and advocacies while being productive members of the society.

Filipino Institution

As a Filipino Institution, International Academy Manila aims to enrich our society by producing learners who will be future Filipino leaders with a strong sense of nationalism and genuine concern for the general welfare of the current and future Filipino generations. In doing so, we ensure the bright future of our country through education.

International Institution

As an International Institution, International Academy Manila aims to introduce the Filipino-style of education to the rest of the world that makes Filipinos very adaptable but still enables us to standout wherever in the globe we find ourselves in. We also aim to broaden the horizon of learners to diverse people, languages, beliefs, cultures, traditions and issues that we have in the world. In doing so, we unbind their limitations through education.