About IA Manila

International Academy Manila is an Education facility in Asia. It has been established to cater to the needs of students across the globe. With its vital recognition of quality education, IAM continues to strive to be the best in both center-based and online-based learning and review courses.
International Academy Manila exemplifies excellence in:

  1. Online/Center Based Education
  2. Review Courses
  3. Team of Instructors
  4. Quality Learning
  5. Economical Standards

We welcome you to International Academy Manila, where education is key to your success!

Mission and Vision

As an academic institution, International Academy Manila seeks to be a center of Education excellence, aiding students in achieving their communication needs, improving language skills, and paving their way to broader horizons.

As a Filipino institution, International Academy Manila seeks to enrich the Filipino culture through its instructions and incorporated values in various corporate and academic activities.

As an international institution, International Academy Manila seeks to educate its students with the Language of the World, and to enhance their academic standing in all areas. In doing so, this institution seeks to broaden the horizons of its students, to unbind their limitation through education and communication.

International Academy Manila seeks these as an academic community, through the exercise of functions proper to an academic institution – instruction, research, and service.

Our Core Values


As an academic institution, International Academy Manila pursues, first and foremost, world-class education and is committed to the cultivation of excellent pupils, through competent instructors and top-of-the-line methodologies.


International Academy Manila ensures its integrity through strong relationships with international organizations such as the British Council, IDP Australia, Hopkins International and Pearson Vue – test providers for international English exams


International Academy Manila is, in its essence, a professional institution, where the relationship between client and service provider is held to the highest standard.


Committed to the growth of its students, International Academy Manila ensures satisfaction through quality, client-oriented service which will cater to the individual needs of its students.


International Academy Manila ensures competency of its instructors through rigorous screening and training, in order to guarantee that students get the best results from the institution.

The methodology of instruction of International Academy School Manila has been honed through years of scientific application and evaluation by top-caliber educators, and has been proven, time and again, as overwhelmingly effective.